Our Beliefs

An Overview

  • The Scriptures

    The Bible’s 66 books are God’s very words. Each word (and the whole) was given by the Holy Spirit through men, recorded in an original language, preserved and authenticated by His Church, and translated into additional languages. The Bible is our final authority.


  • God

    There is one, and only one, living and true God. Through His Word, God reveals to us that He has always existed (and will forever exist) as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: each member of the Trinity is distinct in His person but alike in His essence.


  • Humanity

    Made in God’s image to enjoy unbroken fellowship with Him, men and women are the pinnacle of creation. Every human who has ever lived is alienated from God because of his/her sinfulness and is unable to restore fellowship with Him through personal effort.


  • Salvation

    Jesus’ virgin birth, flawless life, sacrificial death, and bodily resurrection are the only means of a person’s return to fellowship with God. Deliverance from sin’s consequences comes as the Father’s gift through a person’s acceptance of His Son’s payment for sin.


  • The Christian Life

    Those who have personally accepted Jesus’ death and resurrection as payment for sin are forever identified with Christ by the sovereign action of the Holy Spirit. Guided by the Bible, every moment of the Christian’s life is to be aimed at bringing glory to God.


  • The Church

    The “called out ones” of God are both all true believers (in Jesus) worldwide, as well as local assemblies of those believers. The Church’s mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ among all the earth’s peoples until He returns to usher in the earth’s last days.


  • End Times

    At Jesus’ return, the dead will be raised and judged. Those not identified with Him will be sent to hell for eternal punishment, while those who are identified with Jesus will  enjoy a new heaven and earth with the Triune God and all other believers forever.


  • The Ordinances

    Jesus commanded two special and abiding remembrances in the Church’s worship: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Believer’s baptism, by full immersion, allows all who worship with us to participate in the Lord’s Table and pursue church membership.